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Boat charters between Skye and Lochalsh

The Spirit of Adventure



The water that flows between Kyle of Lochalsh and Skye is called Lochalsh and has been designated a Special Area of

Conservation and is currently being considered as a fully protected Marine Zone.

Kyle of Lochalsh is a short distance from the famous world war II HMS Port Napier Shipwreck, this 500' long mine layer is a very popular dive site, with great visibility 85% of the time. Further up the coast we have the a 20m vertical wall in the entrance to Kirktown Bay with a wide variety of marine specimens to observe.

In the vicinity of the Skye Bridge is the recently discovered Flame Shell beds extending for several acres, one of the largest beds current known in UK waters. The fast flowing waters through Lochalsh are also home to large beds of brittle stars and horse mussels.

Please contact us with any special requests, we will happily take you to a destination of your choice. Hiring the boat for Dive

Charter comes in at £100 for the hour, maximum number of divers 12. Discounts given for hires over 4 hours and for multiple day hire.

Price Indicator: 2-4 hours £100/hr      5-7hrs £90/hr

Just Call or email for further details. Tel: 01471 822716 or 0776 543 5424

Please enjoy the gallery above and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email.